Project - SPACE PJs


Problem Statement - Sleeping in space is not easy!

We found that astronauts aren’t getting enough quality sleep while living on the International Space Station. When astronauts wake up, they can’t work effectively because they’re too tired. These mistakes in space can be costly and dangerous.

According to, N.A.S.A., astronauts should be getting eight hours of sleep, but they only get about six. Studies have shown that lack of sleep can cause many long-term symptoms such as high blood pressure, joint pain, lack of focus, and more.

N.A.S.A. scientists found that over 70% of the astronauts use sleeping pills to fall asleep. However, when used long-term, they cause severe side effects such as anxiety and hallucinations.

Lack of sleep is caused by four main problems:

  1. Bad posture
  2. Bad blood circulation due to lack of gravity
  3. Loud and constant noises,
  4. Uncomfortable temperature.

Innovation/Solution :  Space PJ’s

The Space PJs are a customized sleeping suit with technologies that provide:

  1. An exoskeleton which regulates body posture
  2. Pressure cuffs to improve blood circulation
  3. Sound system to cancel noise, listen to familiar sounds or preferred music
  4. A temperature system based on conditioned water to provide personalizable control

The Space PJ’s are also equipped with sensors which track vitals like heart rate, blood pressure, oxygen levels and body temperature.  With this information astronauts can find out their quality of sleep and make adjustments as needed.

By solving these problems in space, the astronauts will have a more restful sleep and an easier time recovering when returning on earth

Space PJ Project Presentation Video

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Our Motto that we wear on our shirts: More Than Robots

  We learned to use the 6 Core Values in everything we do.                           

  1. Discovery     -We are a curious group of kids
  2. Innovation   -We are creative.
  3. Inclusion      -We include everyone in all tasks we do.
  4. Impact          -We are looking for ways to share what we do with others  
  5. Teamwork   - We work well together
  6. We have FUN! 




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